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Taizhou Huangyan Nuohang Molding Co.,ltd
Address:Beiyuan load No. 1,Huangyan,Taizhou,Zhejiang
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Taizhou huangyan nuohang molding Co., LTD is located in "die rural China"-zhejiang province taizhou huangyan mould city, taizhou huangyan"s navigation molding Co., LTD. Is specialized is engaged in the design and manufacture of large and medium-sized plastic mould, plastic injection mould, plastic blow molding mould and plastic products factory, with quality accumulation customers, committed to do the best of taizhou huangyan molding factory factory.

As one of China mold and die manufacturers, the company devotes in the shortest time to domestic and international customers with high quality, competitive products. Become the first choice of customers suppliers and permanent partner is our goal. We have to have a high quality the technical team, gathered a batch of industry young and dynamic members, their respective positions in has good performance and rich practical experience, more charismatic their creativity and commitment. The company always tireless efforts, higher goals for themselves, the continuous improvement of its management and improve the technical research and development capabilities, and promote the development of the cause of China mold and die.

The company also established the advanced CAD/CAM/CAE system and centralized management system, within the company realized the sharing of the information resources and high speed transmission, greatly improving the mould design and processing of the integration process, for all kinds of high, refined, sharp mold design, manufacture, provide a powerful guarantee. The company produced mould level of 600. Hard, and improving the company is striving YunYang qualities; Learning, innovation and catch up with the international advanced level YunYang people die is unremitting pursuit; Volume, complex, deep cavity, thin wall and precision is YunYang mould and the feature of ability.

High starting point"s navigation molding, will be dedicated to the with customers, continuously the pursuit of excellence, and create excellence, jointly compose mould industry glory and dream!!!!!

Zhejiang taizhou huangyan"s navigation molding Co., LTD. Is a new gesture, warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to visit our factory.

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